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Important Facts

  • Its a requirement especially if you use more then just the core services. Looking at the list of additional services REMC1 believes all districts use services over and above Google's core services.

Information a district needs to incorporate into their student AUP

We like to make sure the appropriate documents go home with kids for parents to review and sign. We want to make sure that the following information is included in your Acceptable Use Policy for students under 18. Google recommends that in your AUP sent to parents you mention that students starting at grade X will begin using Google Suite online core services. These core services are defined here: under the core services heading.

A requirement of google is that parents sign off on allowing their kids to use Google Suite Additional services. Those Additional services are items like Groups, Google Earth, Maps, Chromebook google printing, Photos, Youtube and more... defined here:
We believe all districts use one or more of Google Suites additional services so this is a critical/necessary piece to include to maintain compliance.

Here is a full explanation of the google requirement including a template for a district to fill out and include with their student AUP. This can be included in your overall AUP after the template is filled out and re-formatted for your needs.

Here is a link directly to the template BUT its only part of what Google recommends you send to parents. Please read over the link above.

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