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Avigilon Introduction

Avigilon is used to control the electronic door locks. Logging into this server will allow you to change the schedules on the doors, as well as create exceptions to it. 

If you experience a snow day please take a look at the page on  Avigilon Day-to-day Scheduling. Set your schedule to OFF. When school is back in session change this to SCAN.

If you would like to change when your doors open and close every day, please see the Avigilon Day-to-day Scheduling page. 

If you need an exception to a schedule for an after-hours meeting or another event, please see the Avigilon Schedule Overrides page.

Logging in


Autofill may interfere with logging in. Please disable autofill if you have trouble.

  1. Open a new web browser window to 

  2. Log in with your full username (If you don't know your full username you can find it here)
  3. Once logged in you should see:  

Avigilon Access Control Manager display

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