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General Info

  • Models: 450wi, 485wi ,585wi and 685wi
  • The 485we,585wi and 685wi are networkable and does not require any drivers to use with the pens
  • Some teachers plugged their 685wi into the network and using IOS android or a chrome device (PC/windows not supported) they would cast items to their Epson using the Iprojector app.
  • Iprojector:
  • 450wi, 485wi and 585wi require Epson Easy Interactive tools downloadable here for win10 64bit (they both use the same version):
  • Also attached to this wiki (but check for newer versions and update).
  • To use the Pen with the projector you need a USB cable from the projector to the computer and the Easy Interactive Tools.
  • To use the Pen with the 450wi you need the drivers from Epson (greater models dont need the drivers). The driver ARE NOT installed with easy interactive tools. You need to download Epson Easy Interactive Driver v1.10 (or greater)
  • The pen would be used on the whiteboard and the projector would sense the pens position via IR (Mark L says sunny days caused flaky performance) and send info back to the computer via USB.
  • The Easy Interactive Tools also had smartnotebook like features.
  • Smartnotebook 10 was historically used. It worked in win7. License and installer will be attached.
  • They should get a newer version and license it. It may not work with windows 10. Would have to be tested.




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