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This page is for if you think your Gmail account may have been compromised by a recent attack. If you think it has, please follow the steps listed here:

1: Click this link.
2: You will see a list of authorized apps for your Gmail account that you are currently logged in to. If you clicked on the blue link then there will be one called "Google Docs" OR it will have a crazy long random name (this is Google starting to remotely kill it off) (just look at the screenshots below for examples).

3: Click the revoke button inline with the above application authorization.
4: There will now be a confirmation popup, you will want to hit yes that you want to revoke access.

That's it, you should now be fine, and again If you do not feel comfortable following the next steps please contact the help desk at 906-487-7624 or via web chat at

NOTE: This doesn't affect your Google Drive at all! This isn't actually Google Docs, just a fake app claiming to be Google Docs. You will not lose any data by removing this app from your permissions.