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To connect your personal device to a network, see Connect Personal Machine to Wireless.

If you're connecting to wireless or logging on to a computer at another school you'll need to use your(UPN) full domain username, replace 'username' with your network logon username. 

DistrictFull Domain Username


*For Lake Linden that is two lowercase L's 


Some Android phones may need to connect in a similar manner as a Chromebook or Chrome OS device. If you have issues connecting your Android device when following these instructions then see the Chrome OS instructions below. 

Open your Settings and go to your WiFi settings. Select the network that you want to join.

Android WIFI Settings Display

In Identity enter your username and your password in Password. If you are at a different school than you usually teach at, you will need to enter your full domain username (see table above). Click Connect. 

You should see "Connected" under the network that you selected and the WiFi icon should show in the notifications bar. 

Android WIFI Networks Display


  1. Open up the ChromeOS System Menu by clicking anywhere on the bottom bar that contains the time.

  2. From this menu choose the wifi icon and choose the correct wireless network (staff, student) The options below will be presented. 

  3. From this menu choose the desired network to join. This will open up a network settings menu for the wireless network. The options are as follows:
    EAP Method: PEAP
    Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2
    Server CA Certificate: Do not check
    Identity: Your fully qualified login (eg.
    Password: Your network password

  4. You should now be connected to the wireless network.


Go to your Settings and the Wi-Fi tab. Select the network you will be joining. Here it's CCISD.

IOS WIFI Networks Display

Enter your username and password. If you are at a different school you'll need to use your full domain username (see table above). Once you've entered the information select Join at the top. 

IOS WIFI Network Enter Password Display

Once you've done that click Trust. If you do not accept the certificate you will not join the network properly although it will look like you have, you will not be able to connect. You will first need to "forget" the network and connect again (click the "i" next to the network name and choose forget this network).

IOS WIFI Network Certificate Display

Once you've joined the network there will be a check next to the name and the WiFi symbol will appear in the top notifications bar. If you do not see the symbol you are not connected and you probably missed the certificate. You will need to "forget" the network and try again (click the "i" next to the network name and choose the option "forget this network").

IOS WIFI Networks Display