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COVID-19 is currently affecting our school systems in major ways. This page has and will continue to be updated with various resources and tools schools and families can use during this time.

Cleaning Devices

One of the frequent questions we get is, how do I clean my electronics.  We have put together a compilation of recommendations here:

The Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning School-Issued Devices by Micah Castelo, EdTech Focus on K-12

Guides for Schools

A number of resources have been created with useful information for schools to know regarding the virus. Below are some of these resources:

Remote Learning Resources

REMC1 has a number of resources available for students and teachers. Below are various links regarding these resources, how to use them, and how to make the most of them.

Remote Learning Strategies

Online learning

Parent Resources

Video Conference Options

Google Meet


Improve Your Video Conference Video (tips that apply to Zoom, Meet, or any other platform) 

Thoughts on Video Conference Options by Troy Patterson  

Audio Recording Options (great for creating read aloud)

iPhone/iPad: Voice Memos (already installed as it's part of the iOS): Learn more at

**If you need to convert your file to an mp3, works well! 

Hardware for recording video

You may need some hardware other than just the built-in options on a laptop/Chromebook for recording the audio and video of the teacher (to get better quality audio, and better-framed video)
Some systems that we know work well (these are all USB or 3mm connected to a computer so would work with any online platform - Meet, Zoom, WebEx, etc).  Other systems may also work (check reviews), these ones we know about.

Logitech C920 webcam and a MXL AC-404 microphone

Logitech C920 webcam and a Jabra Speak 710

25" Gooseneck Webcam stand

Meeting Owl Pro

Aver room system (an updated version of what is in the ISD conference rooms)–Offered at $975 from Precision Data, REMC Save Vendo

Gooseneck Document Camera (Can be used as a webcam too): AVer U50 and AverVision F178m

USB extension (if you need to be more than 15' from computer to device)

Phone/tablet tracker: PivoSwivl and GimbOWL 

Adesso CyberTrack H4 webcam (we have not tested this but it's an option currently in stock offered by a REMC Save vendor). 

IPEVO Document Camera 

Blue Yeti Microphone (recommended  for capturing audio for screen recording videos) 

Lavalier Lapel Microphone, wired, 3mm connection (we have not tested this but it's an option currently in stock) 

Lavalier Lapel Microphone, wireless, 3mm connection (we have not tested this but it's an option currently in stock) 

Lavalier Lapel Microphone, wired, USB connection (we have not tested this but it's an option currently in stock) 

Logitech Headset

Various microphones and headset options, including discounts can be found on the REMC Save Bid.  

Free PDF Tools (edit, annotate, etc.)

Online Resources

Discovery Education 

  • All REMC1 member schools have access to this resource for free.  Please see the Getting Started Wiki for login information
  • DEX (Discovery Plus) premium content has been made available for free from 3/18/20-6/30/20.  Once logged into Discovery Ed, click here to access DEX content
  • Explore How Do You DE?, Virtual Field Trips, Learning Adventures, and more directly from the student landing page for self-directed learning experiences. Explore ideas for Student Exploration now.

Other Resources