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Moodle provides teachers the ability to create student groups and to assign activities to the different groups.  This allows a teacher who teaches multiple sections of a course to use a single Moodle course.  By doing this, the teacher only has to create assignments and tests once for all of their sections.  However, a teacher may find the need to assign different activities to different groups of students.  This can be done in Moodle by following the steps below:

1) Turn editing on by clicking the "Turn Edit On" button 

2) Click on "Add an activity or resource 

3) Select the Assignment checkbox and click "Add"

3) Create a new assignment 


2) After naming assignment, point value and due date, scroll down to the Restrict Access block



3) Select Add Restriction


4) Select Group


Moodle new assignment options, Restrict access link, select group display


5) Add the desired groups

Moodle restricted access link, add desired group dropdown display


6) Save and Return to Course 

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