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Cloud Account

Reset Your Password

If you forgot your password you can reset it here:

Creating an Account

  • Before logging in for the first time you need to create an online account.  REMC1 will send you an invite to create this account.
  • You will receive an email from "DW Spectrum Web Portal" (
  • In the email, click on "Create Account."

DW Spectrum Client

  • While there is a web interface to view the cameras, it is not very functional, and it is not accessible outside the school district
  • To install the DW Spectrum client on a district computer, open a ticket with REMC1 and we will push out the software
  • If you would like to install the client on your own computer, smartphone, or tablet, see the links below
  • If the links above no longer work you might be able to find the correct version here.  It is imperative the client version matches the server

Logging Into DW Spectrum

  • Open the DW Spectrum App
  • If you see a box in the middle of the screen with the name of the video system, do not click on this (unless you have already logged in).  Your username and password won't work there.
  • Click on the cloud-shaped button in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • You will get the pop-up window below.
  • Fill in your email and the password you setup previously on the DW website.  If you don't remember your password, click on the Forgot Password option.

  • Once you have logged in you will need to select the box in the middle of the screen for your district.

Viewing Cameras and Creating Layouts

  • Along the left side of the screen is the navigation pane.
  • All available cameras and layouts will display here (scroll down to see existing layouts).

  • To see a preview of a camera simply hover over it with your mouse.
  • To view the camera, either double-click on the camera, or drag and drop it to the large pane in the middle of the screen.
  • You can drag additional cameras to the center pane and arrange them as you like.
  • Enlarge the camera slightly by clicking once on the camera, double-clicking will open the camera full screen (double-click again to close full screen view).
  • If you would like to save the current view (single or multiple cameras):
    • Right-click on the tab in the upper left called "New Layout."
    • Select Save Layout As...
    • Enter a name for this Layout.
  • Layouts are saved in the navigation pane below the list of cameras.  You will see some pre-configured layouts that have been shared out.
  • Clicking the "+" next to the layout tab in the upper left corner will allow you to create a new layout.
  • Clicking the down arrow next to the layout tab will allow you to quickly open an existing layout.

Viewing Recorded Video

Per district administration, not all users may have access to recorded video.

  • When viewing a camera, or multiple cameras, you will see a timeline along the bottom edge of the screen.
  • You can scroll out on this line to 'zoom' out to hours, days, weeks.
  • You may also scroll in to 'zoom' in on minutes and seconds.

  • Alternatively you may click on the calendar in the lower right, below the "SYNC" button, to select the day and time.
  • If you are viewing the recordings on multiple cameras simultaneously, click on the SYNC button in the lower right corner.  A camera will display "NO DATA" if there are no recordings at that time.
  • To switch a camera back to the current live view, click on "LIVE" in the lower right corner.

Download Recorded Video

  • Once you have found the clip you would like to download, select the start point on the timeline, left-click and drag to the end point on the timeline.
  • You can click on either side of this selection to adjust the start and end time.  Notice in the screenshot below: 6:30PM to 6:40PM on December 11 is selected.
  • To review the selection: Right-click on the highlighted area and choose "Preview Search..."
  • To download the selection: Right-click on the highlighted area and choose "Export Video..."
    • Select a location to download the video to, such as your Desktop or Downloads folder.
    • Name the video.  Leaving the default name is fine as it will display the specific camera and date.
    • Next to the Name is a drop-down box displaying ".mkv" in it.  Open this box and choose "MPEG-4 Part 14 (*.mp4)."  This will ensure the best compatibility with other computers.