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General Info

There are a few way to enroll students to your course. Documented below are a few of the ways to easily enroll students. 

Enrollment Codes (via self enrollment) 

  1. From you course, select course management→Enrollment methods
  2. Select the gear in the Self enrollment (Student) section
  3. Here you will find the Enrollment key section. If you have a key entered and want to know what it is, click the little eyeball icon. This will reveal the hidden key. If you need to create a key, just click the text and enter a key.

QR Codes

This tutorial will walk you through using the easy enrollment option for enrolling student to your Moodle course via QR Codes.  

  1.  Open up your Moodle course and select Course Management

2.  Select Enrollment Methods

3.  From the bottom, select Add Method and select Easy Enrollments

4.  Select the QR code logo to download the QR code to print or display

5.  Once students log into Moodle, have them select the QR code logo by enrollment.