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To insure that the class rank is set and doesn't accidently get deleted or changed, we have created a custom field in PowerSchool to keep this information. We named the field Final_Class_Rank

After the class rank has been finalized, calculated and reviewed we can export the values:

  1. Select the students that we will run this procedure for.
  2. Navigate to Start Page > System Administrator > Page and Data Management > Quick Export   and paste the following into the field box:


^(*classrank method="class rank" result="rankoutof")

and hit the submit, note where the file is saved.

3. Navigate to  Start Page > System Administrator > Page and Data Management > Quick Import  for table, choose "Students" and then hit the choose file and locate the file you just exported.  Make sure the SUGGEST FIELD MAP box is checked. and hit the submit.

4.  Make sure that the mappings are correct, Student number should automatically map over to Student_Number and you will need to select the custom field (it is almost at the bottom of the list) U_Students_Extension.Final_Class_Rank.  Make sure that you have the Update Records button selected under the advanced user options. Then hit the import.

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