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The Kyocera m8124cidn printer in Paavo Nurmi requires a job accounting code in order to print from it. The printer is usable through the network as PN-Lounge-KM8124cidn or via USB printing. Regardless, some printing settings need to be changed in order for the printer to prompt for its necessary accounting code. 

  1. Connect to the printer either via the network or by USB cable
  2. On your computer, open the control panel→Hardware and Sound→ Devices and Printers
  3. Right click on the printer and go to Printer Properties
    1. If you're doing this via the network, the printer is named as PN-Lounge-KM8124cidn
    2. If you're doing this via USB cable, it should come up as Kyocera ECOSYS M8124cidn KX
  4. Under the Device Settings tab, go to Administrator...
  5. Under the Job Accounting tab, make sure you check the box for Job Accounting and select Prompt for account ID
  6. Next time you go to print something to this printer, it should prompt you for your account ID, then you may grab your paper(s) from the printer.

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