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To export from PowerSchool you will have a few options. Below is an example of an export of student number, first name, last name, dob and graduation year that goes to a CSV. You can also export in other formats by selection the options on the export screen: You also have the option to use any PowerSchool fields. Keep in mind, if you are going to import this data, you will want the student number associated.

Select the students that you would want to create the file for.

go to special functions>importing and exporting>quick export

put the following in as fields:






Set the field delimiter to "comma"

You may want to have the column headers there; if so, check the checkbox.

Once all your options on that screen are selected/set, hit the "submit" button.

PowerSchool will then "push" a file out and it will open with either something like notepad or excel, depending on how your browser is set.

You can then do a save as and set the format to .csv

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