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Mailing lists are managed via Google Groups, a manageable mailing list and group conversation tool. You can access the Google Groups page by heading to here.



Managing Google Groups

Once you're on the Google Groups main page, select My Groups in the left toolbar, then select the link next to Switch organization view to to manage any groups under your organization.

Once here, you can see any Groups you are part of. Any groups you have access to manage will have a small Manage link below the name. 

Managing Users

You can add users in several ways. They are all in the left sidebar, under Members.

All Members

This shows a list of all members in your Group. You can see their display name, their role, their email address, what emails they get, when they joined, and if they're allowed to post to the group. Clicking on a user will pull up a page where you can see their information better and change user-specific settings.

At the top of the list, you can also find 3 buttons: MembersBanned, and Bouncing. The Members view will show all members in the group. Banned shows banned members. Bouncing will show any members to which emails from the Group are not getting delivered.

When you select members in the list using the check boxes, you can then use the Actions menu to administer multiple members at once. You can assign or remove roles, remove users from the group, ban users, or change delivery or posting settings.

Invite Members

This page allows you to email out Group invites to people. In the top text box, list out all the emails you want to invite, separated by commas. In the bottom text box, write out a message all those emails will receive along with a link to join the group.

Direct Add Members

This page automatically adds any email addresses to your group without any interaction from the users. Put any emails you want to add into the top text box, separated by commas. In the next text box, write out a welcome message that all users you're adding will receive, letting them know they've been added to the group. Then select the Email Subscription Option at the bottom that these users should use, which are outlined there.

Outstanding Invites

This page will show any invites waiting to be accepted. Invites expire after a week.

Join Requests

This will list any people who have requested to join the Group.

Removing a Member

  • You will be brought to the memeber screen and from here you can remove users
  • Select the checkbox next to the user you want to remove, go to "Actions" at the top, and select "remove from group" 

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