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  1. First sign into PowerSchool on the admin side.

  2. Select the students you want to update the emails of from the Start Page by choosing a filter, then using the Group Functions Dropdown and choosing Quick Export
    1. It should bring you to Start > System Administrator > Page and Data Management > Quick Export

  3. For the fields, you want Student_number and Student_Web_ID

  4. Make sure the delimiter is set to Tab and Column titles on 1st row is checked

  5. Click next

  6. From there, you'll get a text file with the information, open it up in Excel. It should look something like this

  7. Delete out rows with no username

  8. In Column C, put ' (or whatever the ending email is) 
    1. The ' is key in making excel accept the email ending and this will not work without it

  9. In Column D Insert > function > concatenate (Format is CONCATENATE(A2, B2)

  10. Drag the formula down for all columns

  11. Remove columns B and C, which should make D the new B

  12. Create a header called Student E-Mail for  Column B

  13. Save the file

  14. Go back into Page and Data Management, then Data Import Manager

  15. For Source, pick the export file you edited, pick Student Email to import it into, and then click next

  16. Make sure the PowerSchool Fields make sense, then click Next

  17. Click Update existing record

  18. Wait while it processes. It may not show any "new" records, so to verify, return to the start page, select a student, and go to their email from the information tab. It should show up there.
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