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What to do if you receive an error stating the Remote RDS apps are not up to date

  • The below instructions are fairly easy. If you need assistance remember to call REMC1 support or go to and start a live chat session. We will assist and do a remote screen share if necessary.
  • If the Jenzabar servers are updated you may get a popup on your computer saying your RDS Applications are out of date. The fix is easy.
  • Click on the popup error. The following window will open up (see below)

  • Now Click "View details as shown above (the red arrow is pointing to the link)
  • Now Click the Update Now button (as shown below) but IF YOU ARE AT HOME ALWAYS REMEMBER TO CONNECT THE KBOCC VPN FIRST!!! If you are at home/off campus pause here and connect the VPN now THEN click the update now button.

  • If all is well the computer will work for a minute and eventually say the upgrade is successful as shown below. You can now Click OK or just close out of the window and launch the Jenzabar applications.

  • If, when launching the Jenzabar applications, you receive a windows login prompt (not the actual Jenzabar application login window but a Windows login prompt) Please enter in your NEW network username and password (This new username and password is saved by a REMC technician on your computer desktop when you were first connected up to the new Jenzabar servers). Enter the username in this format: KBOCC\yourusernamehere and for the password just copy and paste the password out of that file.
  • If there is a "remember me" checkbox then make sure it is checked then click OK to log in. If you entered the username or password incorrectly you will receive another windows login prompt. This will continue until you have entered it in correctly.
  • If you entered the username and password correctly then eventually you will receive the Jenzabar application login and you should be all set to continue on.

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