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Important Notes

  • This guide is for the installation of a local and/or Network printer for a computer running OSX.  
  • For network printing this will only work for districts on Active Directory, currently: Adams, CCISD, CLK, Chassell, Dollar Bay, Ewen, Forest Park, Hancock, Houghton, Ironwood, Lake Linden, L'Anse, Ontonagon, Stanton, REMC1, Watersmeet.  
  • This will install printers computer wide.  
  • Students do not have the option to add their own printers.  
  • If you want printers added to a lab please contact the SupportNet Helpdesk  

  • Some specialized printers are locked down and you will need to contact the helpdesk to install them.  
  • If you are not comfortable adding your own printers you can call the helpdesk and we can help you add them.  
  • If you cannot find the printer you are looking for please contact the SupportNet Helpdesk and we can help you find out what the name is.  

 Network and Local Printer Setup

1. Click on the Apple in the upper right corner of your screen

Mac apple button, system preferences display

2. Next click on "Print & Scan"

Mac system preferences page, print and scan option display

3. Now that your in the Print & Scan window click on the plus sign (+), then click on, "Add Other Printer or Scanner."

Mac print and scan page, plus button, add other printer or scanners link display

4. You are now displayed a list of printers your computer can connect to. Choose the printer that you wish to connect to.

Mac add printer page display

5. Now you must choose what drivers the printer will use. Please select the correct driver for your printer then click on Add

Mac add printer page, driver dropdown menu display

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