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Macomb Error Check can be downloaded from the this webpage:

Once there you will need to scroll down a little bit to the download link. It is under the title program download.

It may take a couple minutes to download. Once it is downloaded simply click on it to run. You may get a popup asking if you are sure you want to run this software. 

Click on run.

A new window will open to unzip the file. Make a note of the location in the "unzip to folder:"

  • You may also highlight > right click it > copy. That way you can paste it into file explorer in the next step.

  • Click on Unzip. 

Open file explorer and go to that location, if you copied it in the previous step you may past it into the address bar in file explorer as shown below.  

Then if you would like, you may create a shortcut and send it to the desktop.

  • Right click on the file called misdMsds and go to send to > desktop (create shortcut).

That's it. It is now installed. You may now load the program. It will ask you for your User Id and Password. 

The username and password are misd/misd for everyone. (So why bother...? good question...)

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