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All REMC1 districts that are part of SupportNet are setup to use the federated login portion of the Data Hub.

Users can go to the launchpad(, or directly to the cockpit( or dashboard (  Logins are also available from the MiDataHub website at  

When you get to the 'MiDataHub Login' screen, in the column to the right do NOT select the top option of MiDataHub login, but Scroll down till you see your School District.

Clicking on Your District will redirect you to a Google Login page where it will prompt you to enter your email address and password. 

  • If you are already signed into your school email you will be automatically authenticated. 
  • If you are signed in with a personal google account please sign out and sign in with your school email.

REMC1 schools not shown in the list will use their assigned Data Hub ID and password to login.

Accounts at are not the same as the data hub accounts, and cannot be used for accessing the hub, dashboards, or cockpit.

MiLEARN is setup through the hub, but is actually accessed inside the district SIS.

The Cockpit page is for accepting agreements, and configuring the data hub integrations.

The Dashboard page is for viewing data, early warning dashboards, reports, etc.

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