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For Students with a Prodigi Tablet for vision assistance. 

Step-by-step guide

The goal of this Guide is to connect the table to the Teachers workstation to allow the student/s to be able to view what is being presented on the projector for the class. 

  1. Ensure the Teachers computer has Hangouts enabled. 
  2. On the prodigi tablet there are Icons for the current teachers to start a hangout session. The Microphone is Muted in the tablet settings (Do not enable)
  3. If the prodigi table is not connected to wireless Ask remc support for assistance. 
  4. To connect the hangout session from the tablet to the teacher workstation, first open the application on the workstation. 
  5. Then on the tablet open hangouts by clicking the current corresponding teacher's name from the Icons on the main screen. 
  6. This will initiate a call to the teacher workstation, the teacher will then click the green phone symbol that pops up to answer the call.
  7. On the teachers screen it will have the call opened, in the upper right of the hangout window will be 3 dots (...) click these and click "Screen Sharing" from the list. The hangouts window can now be minimized to show the active desktop or other working windows
  8. The tablet will now be connected to view the teacher's workstation screen. With the Middle button on the tablet the student can alternate between apps while the connection remains active. 
  9. On the teacher's computer there will be an Icon for the installed "Sphere2" application. When opened this will display what is being shown on the document camera. An icon in the upper right will switch to Full screen, Pressing escape will switch to normal display. This program can be minimized as needed for displaying Lessons/Videos/Etc...
  10. The hangouts call can be ended by opening the application and Clicking the Red phone symbol. 

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