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Districts Currently using Unifi Video


POC to Request Access

Link to Video Controller


George Stockero


Has granted approval to all CCISD Staff
CLKChris DavidsonCLKOnly available at Horizons
 Lake Linden

Craig Sundblad

Lake Linden  

OntonagonJim BobulaOntonagon
IronwoodTimothy Kolesar


Dollar BayChristina NorlandDollar Bay
L'AnseSuzan TollefsonL'Anse
StantonJim RautiolaStanton

Requesting Access  

  • To request access you will need to get approval from the proper administrator listed above 
  • Once approved that same person will need to send in a ticket to REMC1 SupportNet letting us know to add you: 

  • You will be provided with a username and password to access the video controller (links in the section above)

Change your Password

  • Change your password by clicking on your ID in the top right once you log in, select 'My Account'

Viewing Live Video

  • Click on the "Live View" tag at the top of the screen 
  • Choose the camera to view from the left column

Live Video "Views"  

  • Above the cameras in the "Live View" tab there are "Views" 
  • Click the "+" to add a new view 
  • You can drag cameras into the view for organizational purposes  

Viewing Recorded Video

  • Click on the "Recordings" tab 
  • Set search criteria 
  • Results will update automatically 
  • Click on a video to view it, or "Export" to save it  

Recorded Video Search Options

  • Date Range: Set the date/time here, videos will go back as far as space on the server allows 
  • Recording Filters: Some cameras may record full time while others record motion only 
    • This may vary depending on a schedule as well (i.e. full during the day, motion at night) 
  • Device Filters: Choose the cameras you want to view recordings from

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