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How to perform a Live Video Stream with YouTube

Information gleaned from:

System Requirements:

Step-by-step guide

  • Download and install the OBS software
  • Install the video capture device software and drivers
  • Connect your camera to the capture device and plug the capture device into a free USB port on your laptop
  • Launch the OBS software
    • Click on the + under Scenes and give it a name
    • Click on the + under Sources and select Video Capture Device, feel free to give it a name
    • The Properties Window for the Video Capture Device will appear, select your camera source from the drop-down under Device.  Scroll down further to select your audio source.  If performing this using a laptop with built-in cam/mic you will need to choose custom video/audio sources that are associated with the external video capture device.  NOTE: Disable the laptop built-in mic and built-in speakers to avoid audio feedback loop issues.
    • There are other options, such as resolution - feel free to adjust to meet your needs
    • Click Ok.  OBS should now show a video feed from your camera and you should see fluctuations of the audio level.
  • Sign in to your District Google account from Google Chrome and select YouTube from the Google Apps menu
  • 'Verify' your YouTube account, if you have not done so before, by following the link below:
  • Once you have signed into your Google account and loaded YouTube, click on My Channel
  • At the top, center of the Window, click on Video Manager
  • Click on LIVE STREAMING and then Events
  • Click on New live event in the upper right-hand corner
  • Set a Title and start time, then select your privacy settings.  For more information on privacy settings, please see the link below:
  • Click on Advanced Settings
    • Set the Category to Education from the drop down menu.  Feel free to uncheck live chat and comments if not necessary
  • Click on the Create event button
  • The next window you set your bitrate to match your video camera resolution (most likely either 720p or 1080p)

    If the youTube stream is displaying errors about the health of the stream, the bit rate may be too high.  Make a new Live Event, following all the same instructions above, and when you get to the adjusting of the bitrate choose a lower option like 720p.  Then go into the OBS settings and, in the Output tab, adjust the bitrate to be within the range you selected in youTube.

  • Once you set your bitrate, you can then select your encoder, select Other encoders
  • Copy the Stream Name by highlighting it and then selecting Ctrl+c on your keyboard
  • Minimize YouTube (do not close out of Google Chrome)
  • Navigate back to OBS and then click on Settings on the right-hand side of the window
  • Select Stream and then YouTube under Service
  • Paste in the Stream key you copied from above (Ctrl+v) and then click on Ok
  • Click on Start Streaming
  • Navigate back to the YouTube window and click on the Live Control Room
  • Click on the Preview button
  • After a moment, the Preview button will turn into the Start Streaming button.  Click on that when you are ready to go live!
  • To view your Live Stream, click on the View on Watch Page button in the upper right-hand corner
  • Share this link with your viewing audience!
  • Please note, there is approximately a 20 second delay when viewing the Live Stream

Helpful pointers:

  • Turn off your laptop audio so as to not interfere with the camera mic, thus causing a potential audio loop
  • Watch the Live Stream on a secondary device, such as another laptop, desktop, or mobile device, so as to maximize available resources on the streaming laptop
  • Wait at least 20 seconds before stopping the Live Stream, due to the 20 seconds delay (or watch the Live Stream to verify when it is safe to stop)

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