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Comment: Reverted from v. 8. ACM was rolled back to 5.12.0_SR2

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Since version 5.12.2 we have access to the Mercury API item that controls overrides. This is awesome for 2 reasons:

  1. It runs on "controller time" vs "server time" (No more converting to eastern!)
  2. Overlapping a day to day schedule is no longer a concern.

Configuring an Override


Please note, converting time zones no longer applies. Enter time normally.


Once inside the override box give the override a name, select "unlocked" for door mode, partition (your school), and select starting/ending time.
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Please make sure to select a partition. If not selected all users in the access control manager (including ones from other schools) will be able to modify or delete your override!

Editing an Existing Override

Once an override is created it can be edited. 



Please note, the times set in this section are in EASTERN TIME ONLY. If you are not in the eastern time zone, please convert to eastern before entering times.

Exceptions are handled through your account.  

  1. Start by clicking on "My Account" in the upper left: 
    •  Avigilon Access Control Manager - Select My AccountImage Added

  2. Once inside click on "Job Specification": 

    My Account - Show Job Specification ListImage Added

  3. Now click Add: 

    My Account - Add New Job SpecificationImage Added

  4. In the newly created window, give your meeting a name. Use your District's name followed by a - and then a descriptive name of the meeting. Then select a "Door Mode" for type and select your doors. After that place "On Door Mode" to unlock, "Off door mode" to restore, and make sure the "Activate" box is checked. 
    • Job Specification - General Settings MenuImage Added

  5. Click Next 
  6. In the next section, select how often you would like this to repeat and then specify the times in 24h time. Please note, since the server is using eastern time, the time will need to be specified as it is in EASTERN TIME. On time must be OUTSIDE of your regular daily schedule. Otherwise the doors will not open. For example, if your normal day to day schedule is set to "scan" and it ends at 16:49 (4:59PM aka 5 o'clock), you have to set your schedule on time for 17:01 (or 5:01PM) to get the doors to open correctly. Your "Off" time will also need to be outside the regular schedule. Please note, in this example the doors will lock for about 1 minute between the schedule disabling and the exception taking effect. 

    • Job Specification - Schedule Timing MenuImage Added

  7. Click Next 
  8. The next page is the summary screen. Hit submit to add your job. 
    • Job Specification - Summary DisplayImage Added

  9. You should now see your job. 
    • Job Specification List - A New Job Has AppearedImage Added

  10. You can edit your job with the edit button. You can also delete your job with the delete button. 
  11. If this is a monthly or yearly event you can disable/enable it with the "Activate/Deactivate" button.