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You may need some hardware other than just the built-in options on a laptop/chromebook Chromebook for recording the audio and video of the teacher (to get better quality audio, and better-framed video)
Some systems that we know work well (these are all USB or 3mm connected to a computer so would work with any online platform - Meet, Zoom, WebEx, etc).  Other systems may also work (check reviews), these ones we know about.


IPEVO Document Camera 

Blue Yeti Microphone (great recommended  for capturing audio for screen recording videos) 


Lavalier Lapel Microphone, wired, USB connection (we have not tested this but it's an option currently in stock) 

Logitech Headset

Various microphones and headset options, including discounts can be found on the REMC Save Bid.  

Free PDF Tools (edit, annotate, etc.)