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  1. Entity Number often called BEN (billed entity number: A number assigned to each entity applicant used to track applications for that applicant at SLD. Often called the billed entity number.
  2. Form 470 Number: A 15-digit number (formerly the Universal Service Control Number) assigned to all Form 470 applications filed with the SLD.
  3. Form 471 Number: Assigned to each Form 471 filed after data entry and used to track the 471 at SLD; can be up to ten digits.
  4. FRN: A Funding Request Number is assigned to each item in Block 5 of the Form 471 and is described in the Funding Commitment Decisions Letter.
  5. SPIN: A unique nine-digit number given to service providers after submitting Form 473 and needed by applicants for completion of the Form 471.
  6. Applicant-Created Identifier: A unique number assigned by the applicant on SLD forms.

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Glossary of Terms