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To explain further: Operating under a normal user account without admin credentials blocks 94% of Microsoft vulnerabilities. Malware and vulnerabilities are so clever that even tech savvy users can click on them. Antivirus is important but many recent studies find it effective in stopping only 30% of infections due to the ever changing malware variants. Caution is always appropriate but there is almost no way to avoid infection entirely especially when websites can get infected and load malware on your PC without any user interaction at all. The organizations that REMC1 supports which adhere to the industry standard best practice known as “least privileged access” have nearly eliminated their infection rate. Infections will spread through network shares to all PCs as well as destroying the infected PC so this is an important item to consider. When you factor in ransomware, the risks are losing all of an organization’s data requiring a complete full restore to be done on multiple network servers. This will cause the loss of all work for the whole organization performed since the last backup. Restoring all data and fixing network services would likely take multiple days causing further disruption.