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Olivia Myers

olivia.myers@finlandia.eduJutila Center
Curtis Wittenburgcurtis.wittenberg@finlandia.eduPaavo Nurmi Center

Manneheim Mannerheim Hall East

David Makidavid.maki@finlandia.eduFinnish American Heritage Center
James Kurttijim.kurtti@finlandia.eduFinnish American Heritage Center
Joanna Choppjoanna.chopp@finlandia.eduFinnish American Heritage Center
Karin Vandykekarin.vandyke@finlandia.eduJutila Center
Leann Fogleleann.fogle@finlandia.eduFinlandia Hall
Natalia Borgen

Mannerheim Hall West

Rebecca Daly

Maki Library

Monica Freemanmonica.freeman@finlandia.eduJutila Center