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These boxes are labeled with what microphone ports they are. In the picture above, the microphone is plugged into mic1. This corresponds to the sliders you saw above in the sound room's audio system picture. If you need the sound to be higher, just slide up the corresponding microphone slider. Note to be careful with this with the computer connection. Try turning up the computer's volume before turning up the microphone port's volume, otherwise you may get some feedback.

Switching between the PC and Document Camera

To switch between the PC and Document Camera, simply tap the "Search" button on the remote.

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Cleaning Up

After the event, you'll need to return the auditorium to how it was beforehand. If the computer cart was pushed out of the way, make sure it is put back where it was found. Same goes for the microphone stand. If the projector screen was put down, make sure to put it back up all the way. Make sure the projector is off as well. Also turn off the stage lights once you are done cleaning up the stage.