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Table of Contents

Districts Currently using Unifi Video




POC to Request Access


Link to Video Controller


George Stockero




Craig Sundblad


Lake Linden  




Requesting Access  

  • To request access you will need to get approval from the proper administrator listed above 
  • Once approved that same person will need to send in a ticket to REMC1 SupportNet letting us know to add you: 

  • You will be provided with a username and password to access the video controller (links in the section above)

Change your Password

  • Change your password by clicking on your ID in the top right once you log in, select 'My Account'

Viewing Live Video

  • Click on the "Live View" tag at the top of the screen 
  • Choose the camera to view from the left column

Live Video "Views"  

  • Above the cameras in the "Live View" tab there are "Views" 
  • Click the "+" to add a new view 
  • You can drag cameras into the view for organizational purposes  

Viewing Recorded Video

  • Click on the "Recordings" tab 
  • Set search criteria 
  • Results will update automatically 
  • Click on a video to view it, or "Export" to save it  

Recorded Video Search Options

  • Date Range: Set the date/time here, videos will go back as far as space on the server allows 
  • Recording Filters: Some cameras may record full time while others record motion only 
    • This may vary depending on a schedule as well (i.e. full during the day, motion at night) 
  • Device Filters: Choose the cameras you want to view recordings from