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Due to how certificates work, the powerschool servers must reside in the domain. We use a redirect on to move users into the correct place. The reason we do this instead of just using a CNAME to point from to is that the CNAME keeps the URL (alias style) so the * cert will not work since the URL is The redirect below changes the URL in the end user's browser; when they type in, it will actually change the URL to 


I will use the CCISD as an example. On the CCISD website there is a link to PowerSchool which points to This is a CNAME to  Inside webservices there is a virtual host that does a redirect to pscopperisd will differ from the inside and the outside.   On the inside DNS this is CNAMEed to the current PowerSchool server (at time of writing that is On the outside that is an A record to the one public IP that is held by the PowerSchool server for the CopperISD. I have also inserted CNAMES for all the ps1, ps2, etc. on the outside to point towards it's A record.