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  • To give normal users rights to add their own printers: Assign Normal OSX user Print Operators Privileges
  • This guide is for the installation of a local and/or Network printer for a computer running OSX.  
  • For network printing this will only work for districts on Active Directory, currently: Adams, CCISD, CLK, Chassell, Dollar Bay, Ewen, Forest Park, Hancock, Houghton, Ironwood, Lake Linden, L'Anse, Ontonagon, Stanton, REMC1, Watersmeet.  
  • This will install printers computer wide.  
  • Students do not have the option to add their own printers.  
  • If you want printers added to a lab please contact the SupportNet Helpdesk  

  • Some specialized printers are locked down and you will need to contact the helpdesk to install them.  
  • If you are not comfortable adding your own printers you can call the helpdesk and we can help you add them.  
  • If you cannot find the printer you are looking for please contact the SupportNet Helpdesk and we can help you find out what the name is.