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  • General information

    • Guests visiting Calumet-Laurium Public schools can connect to the CLK-Guest network.  They will need to get credentials from an account administrator.
    • Users who are able to create guest accounts are: Lizzie Maki, Linda Stubenrach, Nora Dee, Sally Koppanao, Kara Sundberg, Elsa Green, Laura Mattila, and Linda Tervo, and Matt Laho.

  • Administrators Logging In to create account

    • Administrators will need to go to in a web browser and log in with their email address and password.
      • Note:  You will get a message saying that the certificate is invalid.  This is normal on this website because it is a self-signed certificate.  
      • If you have forgotten your password a new one can be sent to your email by clicking 'Reset it here'
  • Creating a guest account

    • From the list of users, click Add on the top of the page.
    • Enter the required information into the New User page
    • The "Create account in user group" field will automatically fill in with CLKGuests-Group
    • Fill in the Name, Organization, Purpurpose for Visit, and Email Address
    • Click Generate Password
      • You can click on the show text box if you want to verbally tell the user the password, or send it to their email
    • Click on the Email Address checkbox in the Deliver Password section and click Save
    • An email with the password will be sent to the user's email address
  • Connecting to CLK-Guest

    • Connect to the CLK-Guest network as you would connect to other wireless networks
    • You will be prompted for the guest password that you were provided prior to connecting to the network
    • You are now connected and will not be prompted for the password again.