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Laptops / Chromebooks

  • Ensure the device is turned off, and remove the battery.
    • Some devices, especially newer devices and Chromebooks, have internal batteries, so don't worry about this step if you don't see a battery to remove.
    • For some Chromebooks, the power button is on the keyboard, so don't be surprised if it turns on while you're cleaning
  • Take your cloth, which is damp with cleaner, and wipe down the lid, sides, and bottom of the device.
  • Open the device and wipe down the keyboard and touchpad with your cloth.
    • For the keyboard, ensure you're getting between all the keys.
  • For the screen area, instead of the cleaner, use a different cloth that is only damp with water.
    • Chemicals found in cleaners can cause damage to the screen, using water here is safer for the device.
    • An abrasive cloth can also damage the screen.
  • Once the device is wiped down, leave it open for a time in order to dry. Close the device after the keyboard area appears dry.