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This section is for native android sip connections. You will need the FortiClient SSL VPN connected for this to work. 


  1. open phone app
  2. 3 dots in the upper right
  3. settings
  4. calls
  5. calling accounts
  6. enable "receive incoming calls"
  7. sip accounts
  8. push the plus in the upper right
  9. set the username as your ext
  10. put in your password
  11. set the server to the dns name of the voip server.
    1. Example:
  12. Port number should be 5060
  13. transport type should be UDP
  14. set send keep-alive to always send


While on the call open up your keypad and type ## then the extension to transfer to. You will hear a dial tone as soon as you press ## you will hear a voice say transfer, then just type the extension and it will transfer the call and hang you up. 

Issues with calls

Issues placing an sip call

If you are having issues placing the sip call you may need to go into your call settings.

  • click on calling accounts
  • under make calls with, choose ask first
  • under use sip calling set to for all calls. When you no longer need this you may need to turn that back to use for sip only

Connection issues

If you have issues with the sip connecting

  • open phone app
  • 3 dots in the upper right
  • settings
  • calls
  • calling accounts
  • sip accounts, this will show you the status of it
  • If it doesn't say receiving calls then
  • go back one page to the calling accounts page
  • Click on all calling accounts
  • toggle that off and back on
  • go back to calling accounts
  • click on sip accounts and check its status again
  • if it still doesn't say connected then go back to the previous page, calling accounts
  • Click on the sip account name
  • click to open optional settings
  • You may need to change a setting for "set send keep-alive to always send" change that to "auto" save
  • go back to the setting and change it back to "always send"
  • go back to calling accounts
  • click on all calling accounts and check its status again. You can try toggling it off and on again

You will still be able to receive calls from your cell provider, both while on the sip call and not.