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Here you will find everything you should need to know to utilize these resources.

When you are ready to do a remote session contact us by phone or use the webchat tool on our website.


The Teamviewer application can be downloaded and installed from our support page found here:


  • In the Get Support section click on the GENERATE CODE button.
  • You may be prompted to install the desktop application. Typically this cannot be done since it see a download icon instead of the "GENERATE CODE" button. If such is the case and this is not a personal device, then inform the technician and they will be able to remotely install the software since this will require administrative credentials for permission to perform the install. Click on, "No Thanks".
  • In the Get Support section click on the Generate Code button.
  • Provide that  
  • Provide the generated code to the technician.
  • If you are using our webchat tool, please preface the sending of the ID with "here you go", "IDthe code is: (number here)" or something similar so we know you have sent it to us. If we do not immediately reply with an acknowledgment that we have received it, please try sending it again.