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  • The ID is the sequence of numbers that you will provide to the technician to allow them to remote into your computer. You may be prompted to allow this program to make changes and/or allow remote control. Click yes.
  • Typically the technician will not need the password.
  • There may be some delay while the connection is established, during which time the TeamViewer window may change to show a different password than the one shown originally. Your ID will remain the same. However, you may ignore this.
  • If you are using our webchat tool, we have noticed that there often is an issue with the ID being copy/pasted into the webchat window. Though you may have copy/pasted the ID and sent it to us we will not see it on our end. Please preface the sending of the ID with "here you go", "My ID is: (number here)" or something similar so we know you have sent it to us. If we do not immediately reply with an acknowledgment that we have received it, please try sending it again.