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In Nikander 21A, there is a computer, whiteboard, TV, cams and microphones that can be used for teaching remotely. On Windows 10, you can toggle between which cameras and microphones you wish to use. The Logitech webcam has a built in camera and microphone, which is ideal for sitting in front of the computer for traditional video calls (FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet, etc). The stereo microphone and DVC camcorder are used best while teaching from the whiteboard. For either scenario, you will likely need to change which camera and microphone is being used. 

To use the DVC Camcorder

  • Make sure the device is powered on and the USB is connected from the camcorder to the desktop. 
    • Make sure the camcorder's setting is set to PC Camera after the USB cable is plugged into the camcorder
  • Make sure the physical zoom button is where you want it to be (silver button on top of camcorder)
  • Switch the camera setting in your preferred video client to USB Camera


Under your Zoom settings, you can change which peripherals can be used for recording. Go to the Video tab to switch between the camcorder and the Logitech webcam placed above the computer monitor. Go to the Audio tab to change the speaker and the microphone. Use the drop down bars to select which peripheral that you want to use.

Changing Settings in Google Meet

To change peripherals in Google Meet, it's very easy. Just click on the 3 dots "..." on the right hand side of the screen and go to your Google Meet settings. Use the drop down bars to select which peripheral that you want to use.