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  • For windows run the installer and simply progress through with the defaults
  • For Mac/OSX open the DMG file that you downloaded. It will open like a drive in finder. Drag the Jitsi icon to the Applications folder.


  • Open Jitsi. When you start Jitsi it may auto-hide in your system tray (in Windows). Look in your system tray for a Genie icon as shown in the picture below. You can right click on the Genie icon in the system tray and select "show"
  • Once Jitsi is opened go to Tools→options
  • In the window that pops up click Accounts→then the Add button (lower right) and then select the SIP option for the Network Drop Down box.
  • Fill in the SIP id with the Jitsi phone username (found in the google sheet from your instructor) and address of your phone system similar to this: extension@ipaddress example: 201@10.20.114112.4
  • In the Password box fill in the password assigned to you (found in the google sheet from your instructor).
  • Check the Remember Password box then click the Add button
  • If all is well and the VPN has been connected your sip account will now show as Online. You can now close this window out. If you dont show as online your VPN may not be connected. Please make sure it is connected then restart Jitsi.
  • You will now be back at the normal Jitsi window where you can answer and place calls