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(When using the 360° camera, always keep the lens covered with a lens cap or case until you are ready to capture an image.) 

1.  Install the Ricoh Theta app (basic app) to your mobile device

(REMC1 iPads already have this installed, proceed to Step 2). 

2. Turn on the 360° camera and press the wifi button

(Theta V) (Theta z1)

3. On your mobile device, open the Theta app

4. Select "Shooting" from the menu options listed on the bottom of the app screen 

5.  Select the device that matches the serial number of the 360 camera (see image below) or select "Registering a New Camera" if your device isn't listed

The serial number is listed on the bottom of the camera

6. Once your device is connected, you will now see the live image and you are all set! 

Connecting via Wireless LAN Client Mode 

If you are unable to connect to the device following the steps above, you can connect to it via the wireless LAN client mode

  1. Complete steps 1-3 from the previous set of instructions
  2. Select the Wireless LAN Client Mode option

3.  On your mobile device, go into your wifi settings and look for the wireless SSID that starts with the word "Theta" (followed by a string of numbers)

3.  Select the Theta SSID and when prompted for the password, enter the eight-digit serial number of the camera (listed on the bottom of the camera) Example: 00200971

Please see the video below for more instructions:

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