The REMC1 office is open from 7:30-5:00 (EDT) Monday-Friday excluding holidays and during those times we have a fully staffed office and helpdesk working on any submitted helpdesk tickets or answering helpdesk calls.

How to Submit a Ticket

There are a few different ways to submit tickets to Supportnet.

Phone call

Some issues may be easier to explain verbally and also require the most immediate assistance. To submit a ticket via phone call and have a helpdesk representative assist immediately call the Helpdesk at 1-906-487-7624.

When you call you will be connected to supportnet staff who will create a ticket for your issue and begin working with you to solve your issue immediately.


There are a few online options to choose from, and all of them can be reached from our website: 

Here is an image that shows the different ways to submit a ticket from our website. They are described in detail below.

Submit a Ticket Via Website 

The first option is to go to the "Submit a Ticket" section on the main page. 

Here you will see five options: Onsite, Internet, Finlandia, WUPHD and Other. Pick the button that best describes what organization you are submitting a ticket from.

For instance if you are a member of Supportnet (if you subscribe to supportnet services and have a REMC1 onsite that visits your district under contract) Select Onsite.

If you are an Internet (and firewall services) only client and your issue is related to your internet or firewall services then click Internet. This button is also used to open a video conference ticket.


This will be used if you have a specific onsite that comes to your District/Organization under a REMC1 Supportnet support contract. This includes the CCISD and GOISD districts with the exceptions of Finlandia and WUPHD where these organizations have their own buttons.


This is for if you are connected, but not directly supported by REMC1 or would like to setup a Video Conference (ex: DIISD, CLK etc).


This is for Finlandia Students and Staff. With this link you will have to specify if you are Student or Staff as well as the building you are located in.


This is for WUPHD Employees. When Creating the ticket you will have to select the building in which you are currently having your support issue.


This will be used if you do not fall into any of the other categories. (eg: State of Michigan, Outside entity needing support regarding any REMC1 services)

The same options can be accessed form the "Submit a Ticket" button at the top of the screen.

Online Web Chat

The second option is to use the web chat feature located in the lower right part of the screen. This is a little blue box that says "We're online! Need Help?". Remember web chat is available during normal office hours listed above. If it is after hours use the email method or submit a ticket using the web ticket submission form. Both methods are explained on this page.

This will begin a back and forth chat between the user and the Supportnet staff. A ticket will be created for you by the staff member who helped you. A picture of the web chat client is shown below.

Email Support to Create a Ticket

The third online option is to send an email to Use only your work email to send the ticket. Be sure to give a brief summary of your issue in the subject line of that email and be as descriptive as possible in the body. Again, please see What to Include in the Ticket for further details.  Please use your Work/School email address. We will use this email address to create you a ticket and send updates. Your work/school email also helps show us we are authorized to speak with you regarding your support issue (for confidential/privacy reasons).

What to Include in the Ticket

It is very important that we get as much information as possible. The more descriptive you can be about your issue, the farther along we will be toward a resolution. With enough info we may be able to solve your issue immediately and simply reply back with the fix/solution.

The following are some items that should be shared immediately upon ticket creation (via web ticket, email ticket, web chat or when you call in):

Full name of business or school district

By giving the full name of the business or school district you are a part of we can verify we are authorized to speak with you regarding district issues which may be confidential, the Supportnet staff will also be able to assign the ticket to the correct business/district queue. By having the ticket assigned correctly, we can eliminate wasted time looking for information in the wrong place.

Work/District email

To create an accurate ticket, your work or district email address is needed.  We will use this email address to create you a ticket and send updates. Your work/school email also helps show us we are authorized to speak with you regarding your support issue (for confidential/privacy reasons). Your work or district email address will provide more information about your identity than a personal email can.

Computer tag number

The computer tag number is important because we need to know exactly what machine is being worked on.  It also allows us to look it up in our management software to gather more information about your machine.

Where to find the computer tag

Phone number

A phone number allows us to get in contact with you if we need any clarifying information. We may need to call you to quickly clarify the issue or to gather other information. If the issue is very time sensitive we will call you back with the resolution and leave a voicemail when appropriate. A phone number also helps identify/authenticate you as an individual/employee we are authorized to talk to regarding your issue (whether confidential or not).

First and last name

By providing your first and last name we can verify who we are working with and can have a better channel of communication throughout the process.

Detailed description of the problem

A good description of the issue will help Supportnet staff know exactly what is going on, and give them a sense of direction to take towards resolving the issue. Having a good description right away is vital to reaching resolution quickly.  Please don't be concise in your description.  Every detail helps. With enough detail we may be able to solve your problem immediately with little to no followups for clarification.