Bells System

Adding/Editing the bells schedule

Saving  a bell schedule to your computer for later

Importing a bell schedule back into the bells system

Play a Bell Manually (play an ad-hoc bell)

For the ES

  1. Log into the ES Bells system here:
  2. Click on the audio files button on the top button bar.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click Play next to the tri-tone.wave bell sound file. This will play the bell sound out the speakers.

For the HS/MS

  1. Dial extension 1403 (this extension is programmed to dial the bells box at 1405 and play paging group 01 which plays the bell sound file as a stored message)
  2. You will hear the system say "Playing stored message press pound to cancel" but you do NOT have to hit pound to cancel. It will play the bell once then stop.
  3. Just hang up the phone after the bell plays (it will start playing immediately so after you hear the voice say hit cancel you can hang up).

Special Notes for REMC1